Ten Mistakes to Avoid when hiring a Synagogue Contractor

  1. Being your own general contractor

  2. Hiring the wrong general contractor

  3. Unclear specifications

  4. Paying too much in advance

  5. Changing the scope of work (losing your focus)

  6. Ignoring the invisible (If the roof leaks, it doesn’t make sense painting the ceiling until the roof is repaired)

  7. Not cutting losses (Everyone deserves a second change, but if the contractor is still not working out after a second change, fire them.

  8. Accepting the unacceptable (if is not what you specified, have it corrected before paying the final invoice. Remember – money talks and promises are too soon forgotten after the check clears.

  9. Not managing the managers – Although the construction company project manager works for the contractor, he works for you too. Make sure you are part of the process and that regularly scheduled progress meetings and reports are given.  If you have problem let the contractor know.

  10. Cutting corners