The Most Important Questions to Ask When Renovating Your Synagogue!

What will happen if we do nothing?

What work do we want completed?

What is the structural condition of the building?

What is the condition of the roof, windows, doors and walls?

What is the condition of the major systems of the structure? Are the following systems up to current repair: HVAC, electrical, sprinkler, alarm and plumbing?

Should we consider upgrading our sound, video, lighting or other systems during the renovation?

What repairs need to be made to each of these items?

How many people will the building be able to hold according to fire code after the renovation? Is this enough at our current rate of growth?

Can the building be renovated to contain the various classrooms, offices, worship spaces and meeting spaces included on the building committee’s wish list?

What will it cost to renovate the building?

What would it cost if we didn’t renovate but built new?

What items do we want on our “must have” wish list?

When do we plan on renovating?

Can we worship somewhere else during the construction process? Where?

Do we need to borrow funds for the renovation?

Can we raise the funds for the renovation? How?

Do we have major donors in our congregation that would pay for the renovation? Who?

Do we need to recognize our donors with a memorial plaque?

What is the expected time to complete the renovation?

Do we need to phase the renovation project because of timing or cost?

Are we going to use contractors we’ve used before or bid the project out?

Who is going to draft the renovation specifications?

Who is going to represent the synagogue during the bid process?

Who is going to oversee the work representing the synagogue?

Should we hire a professional project manager?

When can we begin?